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8 years ago, we needed an Institution that would be the gateway for health innovation to Romanian society. That’s how we decided to build the Centre for Innovation in Medicine.

In the meantime, more and more people and organizations need us, and we enjoyed and enjoy every partnership, every project, every friendship.

Centre for Innovation in Medicine aimed and succeeded to be a place where we learn continuously, where we attract smart and curious people, where we build long-term projects and catalyze partnerships for the benefit of citizens.

We have often managed to explain the inexplicable, to unite points of disunity and to become, consequently, an independent, equidistant and transparent platform for dialogue on the most complex topics in health, becoming a relevant stakeholders at national, regional and European level.

Today’s anniversary finds us with a multinational team, physically present in many corners of the world, connected to such an intense flow of activity that we hardly realized that today we must stop a little, to congratulate ourselves for what we have achieved so far and to encourage ourselves for what follows.

The Centre for Innovation in Medicine was initially an urgent need. But then, InoMed became, at the same time, a dream and a reality.

We live this dream and the reality simultaneously with the intensity and the certainty that what is best for all of us, the citizens, is yet to come.

8 years of Centre for Innovation in Medicine
The featured image is taken during the “Value of Data in Oncology”, a high-level event that we organized on June 5, 2019, in the context of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council. At the time, few of us believed that the topic of cancer could become a priority at European level. A priority that materialized in record time (less than 2 years) by the Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan and Cancer Mission.
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